Understanding Job Duties

Job duties are the tasks assignment to employees for them to be able to effectively carry out their job. The required job duties list can also be referred to when a worker is learning about a position to decide whether they would be qualified for the job. Examples of duties could include: cleaning, answering phones, filing forms, typing documents, reviewing client portfolios etc. In short, the job duties for any particular position will depend on the type of position and the company where it is held.

Difference between Job Duties and Job Description

A job description is a list of job duties, tasks and functions of the position, and will usually also include the qualifications and skills required for the position. A description gives a detailed summary about the position, what it entails and what the company is looking for in an employee. On the other hand, job duties are specific tasks that have to be performed on the job each and every time someone works. Depending on the job and the position, the duties can include a huge variety of things. If someone is a waitress their duties will include greeting customers, taking orders and serving food, for instance.

Using Job Duties to Write a Targeted Resume

A targeted resume is used and customized to highlight all the experience one has that is relevant to the position being applied for. If someone is applying for a legal secretary job, they would need to customize a target resume with all the qualifications, skills and experience that they possess, specifically for that position. Target resumes are more detail oriented towards a specific position and often yield better results than open resumes. By using the job duties advertised for a position, it is possible to tailor make a resume while highlighting skills, qualifications and abilities that are relevant to the position.

Writing Job Duties for a Position

When writing job duties for an available position, be very specific and detailed about what is required. List all tasks that must be performed on the job and include duties as assigned in case the position is expanded. Do not leave even the smallest duty out of the list; this way the employee cannot come back and say, That is not in my job description. Duties can include anything from greeting customers to sweeping the floor; filing papers to changing oil in a car. This will all depend on the position that is available; but make sure it is a complete list so the potential employee is very clear of their job expectations.

All duties are usually listed in the job description so that there are no misunderstandings on the part of the potential candidate. It is possible that an employee can use an original job duties list, either advertised or provided to them, in the event of a dispute. As a result, it is important that everything is correct and that the employee is legally qualified to perform the tasks dictated within the job duties.