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Armor Bearer Duties

An armor bearer is someone who is a trusted member of a church and they are appointed by the spiritual leader to perform certain duties. In biblical days, an armor bearer was one who held a sword and shield and who stood beside their leader offering protection from any enemy that rose up against them. They would be willing to sacrifice their life to save their leader if it became necessary. Today, heís still a protector in a sense because he stands beside his spiritual leader performing a number of duties designed to protect and support him.

Armor bearer duties consist mainly of providing strength for the spiritual leader by supporting him and giving him the courage to go on when needed and to help him accomplish his goals even when things look grim. This position requires you to have good instincts that help you understand the leaderís way of doing things and the ability to know what he would want most of the time without having to be told.

Armor bearer duties include following the directives of the church and supporting the leader through everything, especially the tough times when things arenít running smoothly. You should agree with the leader and be willing to take the heat when others disagree. This can be a very challenging position.

Armor bearer duties require you to have the ability to communicate with others effectively, getting your point across in a friendly but convincing way. Youíll need to have the ability to get the attention of the people you address and keep their attention until the end. There will be times when you may need to try and persuade others to see something differently than what they may first interpret things.

Duties include being able to persevere even when things are tough. You canít give into pressure or give up even when it seems like there is no other options. You need to help the spiritual leader to advance and meet his goals so you canít give up.

Other armor bearer duties include assisting the pastor during services by carrying the Bible for him, which is often referred to as ďthe sword of the SpiritĒ, or performing other duties that help him prepare and deliver services.

There are some cases where the duties may involve essentially being the bodyguard for the spiritual leader. This may seem a little strange but there are situations when this will be necessary. These duties also require you to intervene when something is hindering the performance of the leader. Youíll need to help him detect and avoid distractions that can keep him from accomplishing his goal.

The duties should never conflict with the teaching of the church for which you serve and the armor bearer duties are not to be taken lightly. This is a very important position that requires dedication and commitment. The leader that you serve will be dependent on your and the duties you perform. If you donít take these seriously, the result could be devastating to the spiritual leader and the church you represent.