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Busser Duties

A busser is someone who works behind the scenes in a restaurant and theyíre often referred to as busboys or server assistants. All restaurants need bussers in order to keep things organized and clean so everything will run more efficiently. The average pay for this position ranges from $10,000 - $25,000 per year. Busser duties can get a bit hectic at times and often go unrewarded but they are necessary.

One of the main duties of a busser is to keep an eye on the customers so they can remove the dishes as they become empty. This gives the customers more room to enjoy desert and keeps things looking neat and clean on the tables so it will be a more pleasant experience for the guests. Taking the dishes to the dishwasher immediately after use ensures that the restaurant will not run out of dishes during a rush as well as making the final cleaning much easier.

When the customers have finished eating their meal and get up to leave the restaurant, the busser duties will then be to finish removing the rest of the dishes and to clean any spilled food or beverages from the table and the surrounding area. The busser will then reset the table and get it ready for the next customers that visit the restaurant. This process is repeated continuously throughout their shift.

Busser duties also include preparing tables for the customers before they arrive. This includes filling condiments and napkins so the guests donít run out. In some of the more elegant restaurants, it can include setting tablecloths, polishing and laying silverware and folding napkins. Emptying trash is also one of the duties that bussers fulfill in-between cleaning and preparing dishes.

Part of the busser duties involves opening the restaurant by preparing it for the customers and closing it down at the end of the night. This includes everything from setting up the tables to cleaning restrooms and lobbies. It also involves cleaning and stocking along with setting up the workstations for the servers.

In some restaurants where the busser position is referred to as a server assistant, there may be a few added duties that include making tea and coffee, getting ice and re-stocking service lines. You may even be asked to take an order occasionally but itís good to learn as many different things as you can because that is what leads to advancements.

Many times customers will approach the busser and ask questions about the restaurant so itís important to learn as much about the business as possible. This way, you can answer them correctly. Other times, you may be asked to bring more napkins to the table or asked for a refill.

When this happens, busser duties require the employee to answer the questions and comply with these simple requests. When itís something that cannot be answered or taken care of by the busser, then it would be their duty to find the server so the customer can be taken care of in a timely manner.