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Chiropractic Assistant Duties

Chiropractic assistants work with licensed chiropractors to lighten the workload and assist with patients so the chiropractors have more time to administer the care the patients need. However, they don’t normally offer any type of treatment for the patients. The annual pay for this position ranges from $18,000 - $33,000.

Many chiropractic assistant duties are very similar to those of a receptionist. For example, they are the first person the patient sees when they arrive for their visit. The assistant will greet them and lead them to the treatment room where they’ll wait for the chiropractor. While they’re waiting, they’ll answer questions for the patients and help to make them feel more comfortable about their visit.

Normally, they’ll stay with the patient during the treatment process to assist with any needs the chiropractor may have. It’s their duty to have all the supplies set up and ready for the chiropractor to use. They’ll also obtain any additional items needed during the treatment.

Chiropractic assistant duties include assisting the patient in filling out a medical history form to ensure all information is accurate. If the patient has any special needs or questions, the assistant will relay these to the chiropractor. He must be fully updated on all patients before seeing them to ensure the best possible service is rendered.

After each visit, the chiropractic assistant will need to clean the treatment rooms. This usually requires gathering up towels and equipment to be cleaned and then preparing the room for the next patient to be treated. They need to make sure tables and equipment are sanitized and ready for use.

Chiropractic assistant duties include lots of clerical work such as answering phones, sorting through mail and taking payments for services rendered. They will also need to handle insurance information and contact insurance companies when necessary including handling workers compensation claims. Billing patients and keeping payments in order will also be part of these duties.

Other duties include scheduling appointments and having new patient’s complete necessary paperwork. Keeping an accurate filing system in place to keep patient records secure and organized is part of the duties needed in order for the business to run smoothly. There will be times when patient records will need to be transferred and when sending out referrals will be necessary so everything must be in order to take care of these things.

Chiropractic assistant duties include taking care of or at least helping with accounting needs such as tracking expenses and depositing payments. It will be up to the assistant to keep up with the workload and not schedule more patients than the chiropractor can manage per day or week. There needs to be enough time allotted for each patient to receive proper treatment and to take care of the paperwork and other needs.

Chiropractic assistant duties can consist of several other jobs depending on where they work. These can include laundering and sanitizing the gowns and towels used along with maintaining a clear, organized workstation and keeping up with inventory so they can order supplies when needed.