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Church Ushers Duties

Church ushers are volunteers who represent the church in which they are a member. They have a very important job because theyíre the ones who greet the congregation as they arrive. Ushers must be kind and friendly conveying the best impression possible, since this is the first person most visitors talk to when they arrive. They must be true to the church and set good examples at all times, even outside the church because they hold such an important position. Most ushers earn around $14,000 - $22,000 a year.

Church ushers duties do start with greeting everyone at the door and helping them find seats but thatís only the beginning. When seating the congregation, theyíll show anyone with disabilities to the sections that are easy accessible. When someone arrives at the church late, itís the duty of the usher to escort them to the first available seat while limiting interruptions. On special days when the church is filled to capacity, they will help make as much room as possible for the congregation by sitting up extra chairs and making sure all pews are completely filled.

Church ushers duties include helping visitors find their way around. Someone may need assistance finding the right Sunday school class, the nursery or the restrooms. When there is someone readily available to help, visitors will feel more comfortable and relaxed especially when itís their first visit. This creates a good environment that will encourage them to return again.

Church ushers duties also include knowing where the fire exits are located and having a plan to follow in the event the church needs to be evacuated. When an emergency occurs, there is no time to try to figure out what to do. Ushers will need to follow the plan set in place as they guide the congregation to a safe area.

Ushers are also the ones that pass out informational pamphlets, information about upcoming events and so forth. They help distribute songbooks and give out visitor cards and then collect these at the end of the service. They also pass around the collection plate during the offering. They will help to direct the congregation and keep everyone moving in an orderly fashion during communions, altar calls and other important events.

Church ushers duties include being knowledgeable about the church and the services so they can answer questions presented by members or visitors. If they donít know the answer to a specific question, itís their duty to find out the answer and get back with the person as soon as possible.

Head ushers usually have a key to the church and will arrive early and open everything up. They will then stay late and lock up after the service ends. This includes turning on/off the lights, heat or cooling units and so forth. They will also delegate others to help with special jobs such as parking if needed and appointing volunteers to run the nursery and clean the church. Church ushers duties involve being alert at all times and being aware of their surroundings.