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Custodian Duties

Most all businesses and organizations employ custodians, especially the larger ones. They are needed to keep offices, schools, hotels and other establishments clean, sanitized and ready for business. Without custodians, these buildings would be unsuitable for workers, students and visitors. Therefore, they are a very important part of any business. The average pay for a custodian ranges from $17,000 to $42,000 annually.

Custodian duties include a wide variety of tasks that all involve keeping the building clean. The general duties include vacuuming, sweeping and mopping all floors in the building. In some cases, pressure washing the floors may be required along with washing walls. This will depend on the type of business with which the worker is employed.

Dusting office furniture and office equipment to keep them clean and free of debris is part of the custodian duties. In schools, they are required to clean and sanitize classroom desks and the tables and chairs in the cafeteria. Keeping these areas as clean as possible is required for the safety of the students and staff.

Custodian duties require the worker to empty all trash containers and wastebaskets inside and outside of the building and to replace the trash liners for each. Sometimes, this is done more than once a day along with the general cleaning duties. It depends on how busy the establishment is and the hours the custodian works.

Restrooms are also attended to by the custodian and this involves everything from cleaning the toilets to replacing trash liners and refilling dispensers. Sanitation of the restrooms is also required following the set procedure given by each company.

Custodian duties can include replacing light bulbs and doing general maintenance using tools that include pressure washers, buffers, vacuums, auto scrubbers, ladders, squeegees, weed eaters and a variety of cleaning supplies. Cleaning stairwells, windows, blinds and laundering dust mops and cleaning rags are included in many custodian jobs.

They may be asked to prepare rooms for conferences, meetings and special events by re-arranging the furniture or providing the supplies and tools needed for the event. Since most of these duties are performed after normal business hours, locking up the building and turning off all lights is also part of the job.

During business hours, custodians that work in schools and some offices may be required to oversee certain deliveries and make sure packages reach the right department as part of their duties. In small companies or organizations, they may be asked to perform general maintenance duties such as unstopping toilets and doing minor plumbing repairs.

Duties will often include cleaning the outside of the building by sweeping parking lots and picking up trash. They may also be asked to clean snow from walkways and in high traffic areas, take care of weed removal along the building and pressure washing the parking lot and/or building exterior.

Buildings that are used seasonally such as schools are usually still cleaned and maintained by the custodian staff throughout the closed season to keep them ready for when they reopen. This would include the outside custodian duties as well.