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Customer Service Duties

Customer Service representatives are a key part to any companyís success. They are the link between the consumer and the business. Customers will often call with questions or complaints that must be properly addressed by the customer service representative. Normally, the representative will work via telephone but with the newer technology now available, they may also communicate through emails or interact with the customers in live chats from the website browser. The average pay for this position ranges from $19,000 to $43,000 annually depending on the business and personal standing in the company.

Customer service duties include dealing with the concerns of costumers and solving any problems that arise. When a customer calls the customer service representative in regards to a problem or complaint the representative must do their best to handle the problem where both parties are satisfied.

This is usually done by following a company guideline that is taught during training. However, if the problem cannot be resolved, then it is up to the representative to transfer the customer to the next level of help by directing their call to the appropriate office.

Customer service duties require the worker to validate all complaints before continuing to find a way to solve the problem. This involves verify name, address and the customerís account information. This will ensure the customer is receiving the best possible service and help protect the company from someone trying to scam them.

Not all calls are in regards to a complaint. Many customers will call to ask questions. Therefore, customer service duties include knowing how to answer the questions presented by the customers or knowing where to direct the caller for the answers.

When the consumer calls to ask the customer service representative a question about the services or products purchased, itís up to the representative to answer the questions fully. In cases where the representative cannot provide this information it is their job to transfer the caller to someone who is qualified to help the customer.

Many companies use their customer service representative to assist with sale numbers. This may include offering another product complimentary to what they have bought, upgrading a service or calling valued customers to tell them about a new offer. Therefore, the duties of the customer service representative include having knowledge of all products and services offered by the company. They must understand what the company does in order to represent them professionally and productively.

Customer service duties that fall in the category of clerical work have a variety of task to fulfill. This involves making notations on accounts, answering phones, transferring callers to the correct department, processing new clients and filing all the paperwork correctly. It can also include invoicing, processing mail and processing checks and credit cards.

Since customer service duties revolve around direct contact with customers, itís vital that the representative have excellent communication skills and a friendly attitude. They must make the customer feel relaxed and comfortable and be able to calm them down when upset so they can find a suitable solution to the problem at hand.