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Data Entry Operator Duties

The data entry operator is someone who enters information or data into a computer by using a keyboard or some type of scanning device. They are required to work within the guidelines of the company they work for and according to the specifications provided to them. The pay for a data entry operator averages from $18,000 to $38,000 per year.

Data entry operator duties begin with checking the data for validity and taking responsibility for the items that cross their desk. This is due to the fact that they are the ones that must make sure all work is performed correctly the way the company expects it to be done.

Providing daily reports is part of the job position so upper management can keep an eye on things. Therefore, the data entry operator must document the work they do throughout the day and make notations for management to help keep them advised of operations.

Following a time schedule perfectly so that the data is where it needs to be at the appropriate time, is a big part of the data entry operator duties. They must have the ability to meet strict deadlines while still providing accurate work. They must possess the ability to read, code and select the right format for the job at hand in order to do this job efficiently.

Data entry operator duties also include talking to customers, clients and staff members on a daily basis so they must have good communications skills in order to interact with others effectively. They will need to obtain and document all relevant information from the people they encounter and to do this, they need to know what questions to ask and understand the answers they are given.

If a document is not complete or invalid it is up to the data entry operator to find the missing information or correct the document before entering the information into the computer. If more information is then, they are the ones who will acquire it.

Many times the data entry operator duties will require the worker to transfer handwritten notations or documents into typed format before it can be entered into the system. Proofreading and checking for spelling and grammatical errors is a must before transferring the information onto the computer system.

Data entry operators are required to follow strict guidelines within their company in regards as to how and when the data is entered so they can do their job proficiently. Some companies require data to be transferred hourly, while others need it done daily or weekly depending on the size of the company and their functions.

Keeping records of tasks and files completed for quick and easy retrieval is a big part of the data entry operator duties so upper management can see what is going on with glance. Documents should be sorted in batches with numbers assigned to each to make it fast and easy to recover any information needed. If any changes need to be made to the system to make it more effective, the data operator will need to discuss this with their direct supervisor.