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Dishwasher Duties

A dishwasher plays a very important role in keeping any establishment running smoothly that is associated with food in any way. They are usually associated with restaurants but they also work in schools, hotels and many other facilities. The dishwasher is responsible for making sure all dishes are cleaned, sanitized and ready to be used when needed. This is a very important job because it can directly affect the health and well-being of the ones using the dishes. Dishwashers usually average around $14,000 to $22,000 per year.

The main duty of a dishwasher is to ensure the dishes and cookware are scrubbed clean, washed and sanitized properly following all rules and regulations of the establishment and the state. However, dishwasher duties include much more than just washing cutlery and dishware. Once the dishes are washed and sanitized the worker is expected to place them in the appropriate storage area after they have dried.

Many restaurants use automatic dishwashers for the larger dishes and it is up to the dishwasher to operate this appliance correctly. If done incorrectly, it will not clean the dishes thoroughly. They will also need to know when there is a problem with the dishwasher so they can report this to the manager in charge so they can arrange to have the problems corrected.

General cleaning usually falls within the duties of the dishwasher, too. These include sweeping, mopping and maintaining restroom cleanliness. They will restock the paper towels and other toiletries, clean mirrors and wipe down the sinks and counters. Dishwasher duties also include other cleaning duties such as cleaning the ovens, fryers and other large appliances. They may also be required to take out the trash and recycle items when required.

Dishwasher duties will require the worker to stock the shelves and help to keep things organized. Cleaning windows, doors and sanitizing storage and freezer areas will fall under the duties and responsibilities of the dishwasher. They may also be required to clean and sweep the parking lot and empty the trash containers outside.

In addition to the cleaning tasks they perform out of sight of the customers, the dishwasher will often bus tables and handle simple tasks requested by the guests such as finding their server or bringing them more napkins. This usually occurs when the establishment is very busy or when the crew is shorthanded.

Occasionally, a dishwasher will be instructed to prepare food for the chef such as chopping vegetables or temping meats. In some establishments, the dishwasher will help the chefs cook the meals when the business is busy or understaffed.

Dishwasher duties will also involve keeping track of inventory such as the cookware and dishes as well as how well these items are holding up. If items are missing or need repaired, the dishwasher must inform the supervisor so the proper actions can be taken. They may need to order new items to replace the ones damaged or missing. Dishwasher duties are important and must be given the proper attention in order for the establishment to function properly.