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Executive Secretary Duties

An executive secretary is the person responsible for keeping a business or organization running smoothly. This takes a lot more to accomplish than what it did even a few years ago with all the advancements made in technology. Executive secretary duties are tailored to match the needs of the company for which they are employed. Often, the executive secretary will be a personal assistant for a CEO, vice president or other high-level positions within the company and the yearly salary usually ranges from $24,000 to $62,000 per year

Executive secretary duties involve a number of administrative tasks. This includes using computers to create spreadsheets and documents. As a result, they are required to be proficient in using computer software programs and electronic correspondence. It would be impossible to do this type of work without the proper training.

Executive secretary duties require the worker to manage information technology that includes creating presentations and helping the executive with presenting proposals to potential clients. They will also ensure that company documents are kept confidential because companies have an obligation to protect the personal information of all their clients. The executive secretary will also maintain the integrity of the company when dealing with clients or business partners.

Regular office duties are also part of the job and these include answering the phones, taking messages and dealing directly with the clients and associates. They are required to keep files and documents organized and readily available for the executive. If proper files are not produced when needed or if there are errors in the documents, the company runs the risk of losing clients.

They will greet all visitors that enter the office and relay any messages they have to the executive and wait for instructions on how to proceed. They will also make arrangements for a meeting if it becomes necessary and the executive secretary is responsible for not allowing anyone to enter the executive’s office without their permission.

They must maintain a professional attitude and appearance at all time. Their actions are a direct reflection on their executive and the company so it can have a huge effect on how the company is perceived by others. Making mistakes or acting unprofessional at any time, can cost the company clients and adversely affect the company in many ways.

Executive secretary duties involve maintaining a working schedule for the executive. This includes setting up and making arrangements for all meetings and conferences they must attend. They must make sure the executive meet all deadlines for projects. If the secretary makes a mistake, the executive is the one who is blamed for the problems that occur as a result of the mistake.

Depending on the company, the executive secretary may also make personal appointments for the employer such as making dinner reservations for meetings with clients and making travel reservations that include acquiring airline tickets and making hotel reservations.

Executive secretary duties are designed to correspond with that of the executive in such a way as to make the office run efficiently and productively. It’s an important position that requires dedication and a desire to do the best possible job.