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Help Desk Duties

The help desk specialist have a lot of duties to fulfill with the main ones being to answer customer or client questions and resolve complaints. This is done through different areas of communication such as telephone, fax, emails, website chat and in person. The pay for a help desk specialist normally ranges from $27,000 to $55,000 per year.

Help desk duties require the person to work in their designated department. They are trained to answer any questions and solve most complaints regarding topics in their own field. If the question or complaint cannot be addressed to the customerís satisfaction, the help desk specialist must put them in contact with someone who can.

Therefore, they need to possess the ability to know when it is time to transfer the person to a supervisor or to another department so they can receive an answer to their problem. The goal is to keep the customer satisfied so they will come back in the future. Having repeat customer is what keeps companies in business.

Another duty of help desk specialists is to be organized. In many companies, they are required to keep detailed logs on all communications and these must be kept neat and organized in their appropriate place. This way, it will be easy to refer back to these cases if it becomes necessary.

Help desk duties will often involve making follow-up calls or emails to check on the client or customer to see if they are still satisfied with the results they got from the transaction being made. This is one sure way to guarantee the happiness of the customer.

Help desk duties involve being able to greet guest with a smile and use a polite, friendly tone when helping customers. This is especially important when dealing with complaints because the customer is already upset. If they are spoken to rudely or they get the impression you donít care about them, this will make matters worse.

It wonít take much to make a customer angry when there is a problem, so these cases must be dealt with professionally and to the customerís satisfaction. Lots of patience and compassion is required to fill this position and to be a success at it. Help desk duties require the person to have good organizational skills and the ability to keep detailed accurate records describing the interactions they have with customers.

The person at the help desk will often be faced with questions surrounding computer technology. In these cases, the technician will need the ability to help the customer trouble shoot the problem and get it fixed without further delay. They will need to give the customer step-by step instructions as what to do to fix the problem. They may also provide technicians on-site with customer information to help them through the process.

The person running the help desk plays a big role in the company and when the help desk duties are performed correctly, customers will be happy and continue to use the company for a long time. If done incorrectly, it can cost the company a lot of business.