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Hospital Volunteer Duties

Hospital volunteers are individuals who work in hospitals assisting nurses and other staff members with their everyday tasks. These volunteers work with the staff to help provide care for patients. They used to be referred to as candy stripers but this nickname is not commonly used today. Hospital volunteers are not paid for their services, they normally work part-time and they can usually choose the hours they want to work from the options the hospital offers, since they do volunteer their time. Volunteers can be of any age from the high school student to the elderly.

Hospital volunteer duties will vary greatly depending on which hospital the worker chooses to volunteer their service. However, it always involves helping the nurses and other workers with their daily tasks. This includes moving patients from one room to another or escorting them to therapy and other areas of the hospital. They will also help patients from their beds to a chair, back again, and assist them with showers and other needs.

Volunteers will often clean the beds and change the sheets and blankets. They may even take care of laundry duties by washing and drying the bedding, towels and gowns the hospital uses. They will also run errands for the staff, deliver messages and gather supplies when needed.

Hospital volunteer duties often involve making deliveries to the patients rooms. For example, they may deliver mail to the patients or pick up mail they want to send out. It can also include bringing flowers, cards and gifts sent from family members and friends to the rooms for the patients to enjoy.

Hospital volunteer duties require the worker to assist patients and help to make them feel more comfortable. They may get them an extra blanket or bring them a container of ice for their beverages. Some patients may need help eating their meals and others just need someone to listen to them talk for a few minutes. Volunteers read books to patients and may assist them when writing letters to loved ones.

The duties of a hospital volunteer can also consist of greeting and directing both patients and visitors to the right area. Hospitals can be confusing sometimes and every hallway looks the same. There may be times when the volunteer will need to actually walk with someone to a specific area of the hospital or to the front desk to make sure they find the right location.

They often assist in discharging patients and take part in special events and projects sponsored by the hospital. They’ll conduct general office duties such as answering phones and filing records. They may also help the kitchen staff prepare meals and work in the gift shops.

Some hospitals may have special services the volunteers can help with depending on the size of the facility. For example, in some of the larger facilities, hospital volunteer duties may include transporting outpatients to and from the hospital when they have no other means of transportation. It may also include helping with therapy or conducting arts and craft classes to help keep the patients occupied and entertained.