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Hotel Housekeeping Duties

The hotel housekeeper has a very important job that is a direct reflection on the facility. If the housekeeper does not do their job correctly, it directly affects the guests and this will have a negative impact on the business. Guests do not want to stay in rooms that have not been cleaned properly. Therefore, this very important job requires the worker to be thorough and pay attention to detail. Hotel housekeeper’s usually average from $15,000 to $29,000 per year.

Hotel housekeeping duties vary from company to company but the basics remain the same. The goal is to clean and sanitize the rooms and other areas of the hotel so it will be ready for the guest when they arrive. Housekeepers must follow all guidelines while cleaning to ensure that the current and future guests are satisfied and leave happy with the appearance and cleanliness of their rooms.

In some hotels, the housekeeper may be responsible for other areas along with the guests rooms. For example, they may be expected to clean lobbies or recreational areas where the guests go for exercise or to relax. If the hotel has a pool, they will be responsible for cleaning around the pool area and locker rooms. They will also be responsible for cleaning restrooms located throughout the facility.

Hotel housekeeping duties usually begin with preparing for the day by stocking up on supplies before the cleaning begins. This may include but is not limited to stocking their cart with fresh towels and linens, refilling cleaning supplies and changing the vacuum cleaner bags.

Hotel housekeepers have a set schedule for when they begin cleaning the rooms and they go from one room to the next taking care not to disturb guests that have not checked out. When cleaning, the housekeeper will remove any used items from the room to be washed such as bed linens and towels and then they’ll restock the room with fresh towels and change the bedding. Hotel housekeeping duties include vacuuming, wiping down tables and chairs and cleaning mirrors and the worker will be expected to empty the trash and clean the bathrooms in each room.

When guests check out, part of the hotel housekeeping duties involve cleaning the room again even if it was cleaned earlier in the day to make sure it’s ready for the next guest. They will need to dust at this time, clean the blinds and clean and sanitize the bathroom. They will also need to make sure the bathroom is fully stocked. If the guest leaves anything behind they are required to turn these items in at the front desk.

Housekeepers that work in hotels where the rooms have partial kitchens will be expected to clean the microwaves and mini-fridge in each room in addition to their normal duties. Some hotels serve food and the housekeepers are required to clean the kitchen and/or dining room after each meal.

Hotel housekeeping duties include adding the finishing touches before the next guests arrive. This may include using air fresheners or preparing the coffee maker for the next guest. Everything the housekeeper does is important since it does have a direct impact on how the guests view the facility.